BACKGROUND: The availability of open access genomic data is essential for the personal genomics field. Public genomic data allow comparative analyses, testing of new tools and genotype-phenotype association studies. Personal genomics data of unrelated individuals are available in the public domain, notably the Personal Genome Project; however, to date genomics family data and metadata are severely lacking, mainly due to cost, privacy concerns or restricted access to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. Family data have a lot to offer as they allow the study of heritability, something which is impossible to do just by using unrelated individuals. FINDINGS: A whole family from Southern Spain decided to genotype, sequence and analyse their personal genomes making them publicly available under a Creative Commons 0 license (CC0; commonly denominated as public domain). These data include a) five 23andMe SNP chip genotype bed files, b) four raw exomes with their assorted bam files and VCF files, c) a metagenomic raw sequencing data file and d) derived data of likely phenotypes using SNPedia-derived tools. CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge this is the first CC0 released set of genomic, phenotypic and metagenomic data for a whole family. This dataset is also unique in that it was obtained through direct-to-consumer genetic tests. Hence any ordinary citizen with enough budget and samples should be able to reproduce this experiment. We envisage this dataset to be a useful resource for a variety of applications in the personal genomics field as a) negative control data for trait association discovery, b) testing data for development of new software and c) sample data for heritability studies. We encourage prospective users to share with us derived results so that they can be added to our existing collection.